Airline Fees Becoming More Outrageous


airline fees Many passengers would agree airline fees are becoming more outlandish by the year.  Who thought ANYONE flying would have to pay for storing their carry-on bag in an overhead compartment?   Spirit Airlines, a US based carrier does!  In fact, the airline company plans on charging passengers $2 to print their boarding pass from an airport kiosk.

Who would ever think that by calling up your preferred airline to book a flight would cost you upwards of $35?  Most US based carriers do!

If you’re dropping off or picking up your friends, colleagues or loved ones, why would airports charge you to pull up, quickly load or unload, and drive off?  Ask Luton airport in London!

How about the infamous ‘checking of the luggage?’  We now have to pay $15 to check our first bag, and another $25 for the second.  After already paying a hefty price for a plane ride ticket, who in their right mind would charge passengers extra to store a piece of luggage?  Every major airline in the country does just that!

Recent surveys now reveal passengers would consider paying upwards of $20 to deplane first.  What?  Airfarewatchdog conducted a recent survey which suggests 16% of travellers who were surveyed would pay to be first in exiting the plane.  From that 16%, 10% consider a $10 charge acceptable, while 3% believe $20 is a rational fee.

Though ‘deplaning fees’ have yet to materialize, George Hobica, founder of Airfarewatchdog said, it’s not a far-fetched idea.

“I never thought they would start charging for carry-on bags, so you never know.”

While many believe airline fees are becoming disgraceful, airline companies continue to raise fees and add new ones.  According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, a recent study disclosed US airlines this year alone, profited $1.45 billion in reservation cancellation, change flight, and baggage fees.

Hobica says, for the average family flying, airline fees alone can nearly break the bank. In fact, consumers balk, one of the worst fees yet is charging parents to travel with infant children on international flights – an extra 10 to 25% of the ticket price.

YouTravel asks its readers, are airline fees becoming unbearable?  What can we do as consumers?

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