Aussies Keep Ties To Britain Strong



Since the reign of the British monarchy, Aussies consider Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, ‘their’ queen too!  It’s only natural that Australians maintain a strong link to its British roots through its history, culture and family.

In fact, according to VisitBritain, one out of every three Australians who visit Britain, go there to visit family.  Research also uncovered reflect, visits to relatives and family are up by 40% dating back to 2001.

Neil Ager, Regional Commercial Manager for British Airways, said the company understands the connection between the UK and Australia and would like to make travel between the two countries more affordable and welcoming than ever.

“By taking up this special fare, people can travel to see their loved ones in comfort and enjoy the best of British service with British Airways.”

british airwaysBritish Airways has begun offering discounted tickets to the UK beginning July 14th through July 18th 2012.

As the Olympic Games playout in the UK, travelers will be offered the best in entertainment, dinning and exposure to: charming villages, historic castles, rolling vistas, the backdrop of its royal history, and incredible museum tours.

Now that there’s a distinct connection between the UK and Australia, Ager boasts British Airways plan on strengthening the union between the two regions through travel and recreation.

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