New iPhone Tourism App to Promote Melbourne As A Top Destination


As a part of the Victoria Tourism Week, Melbourne’s first and official iPhone Tourism App is due to be launched. Gracing the occasion will be Minister of Tourism and Major Events, Hon Louise Asher MP. Melbourne has always been one of the top destinations for tourists, but ever since The Economist declared it as the most livable city in the world, the onus has fallen upon the various tourism organizations in the city and the country to ensure this livability can translate into visibility in the tourism sector. Chris Buckingham, CEO Destination Melbourne makes it unequivocally clear when he says that Melbourne has never featured more prominently on the world tourism scene.

There are big reasons for this huge push by the three major tourism organizations in the country including the City of Melbourne, Destination Melbourne and Tourism Victoria, in order to project Melbourne on to the world scene. The city’s tourism industry is directly and indirectly responsible for the creation of 204,000 jobs and revenue of $15.9 billion as per the Tourism Research Australia’s Tourism Satellite Account of 2008-2009. What is even more important is that the bulk of the new jobs created and the revenue generated has been within the communities; encouraging them to invest in their infrastructure, creating a better and more hospitable environment for tourists.

The Melbourne official Visitor Guide App is a step forward in this direction to ensure tourists find their experiences when visiting the city more memorable. It will also help to increase the revenue in and out of the communities and help build awareness among tourists about Melbourne’s reputation as the world’s most livable city.

The launch of the first official iPhone tourism app could not have come at a better time. As per the recent ITU estimates (2011) the growing incidence of mobile broadband connections have outnumbered new subscriptions of fixed line broadband connections by 2 to 1. As per Comscore Travel Advisor reports of April 2012, the world over nearly 51% of Smartphone users have accessed travel related content on their phones and at least 1 in every 5 Smartphone users have booked flights or hotels using it. With this paradigm shift in consumption pattern of travel related information, it is but imperative that those who are involved with the industry also adapt to it. This app will thus ensure the first step towards that logical move. Additionally this app will also help promote Melbourne as a top destination in the world.

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