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Korea Travel App from KTO

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The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched the latest and upgraded version of their iPhone and Android app, Visit Korea. Visit Korea 2.0 is the smarter and the more advanced version of the app meant for use by incoming tourists to Korea. Average Smartphone users can download the app for free from their respective app store (iPhone app store or Google Play). The app now comes with additional content and a whole load of information about Korea.

Back in February 2011 when the first version of the app was launched, not much of information was available to assist foreign tourists coming into Korea. The app was designed by KTO to address the problems that are faced by the more “connected” travelers using their Smartphones and trying to find out more about the place they are in.

The Visit Korea 2.0 has addressed many of the issues that the first version had. Now one can find a lot more information about the best destinations, how to reach, where to stay, dine, shop and sleep. It also gives detailed information about notable events, festivals of importance and above all a more in-depth and personalized experience when traveling in Korea.

A major improvement from the older app is the menu integration that now allows the user to access any specific info on a tap. The entire database of events, places and attractions have now been grouped into five major categories for easy access. They are attractions, dining, accommodations, shopping and transportation. Not only that, also accompanied are map locations of the attractions and route to that location for easy access meant for international tourists traveling in Korea.

Destination Korea

Destination Korea

Attractions have also been categorized as per theme so that travelers looking to visit the temples will find it easier to access them. A complete guide has also been provided for the local transport and the places that are renowned for their cuisine, or where to buy specific items as souvenirs.

A lot of hard work has gone into making this app the definitive one for all tourist requirements. Turn on the app and one is immediately greeted by the home page that features a 34-image slideshow. The slideshow has been further sub-divided into 4 different categories and leads to additional videos which show the sights and sounds of the country. Additionally the app has been integrated with GPS which allows the user to locate where he is currently and then view the nearest destinations and their directions.

An interesting thing about Ver 2.0 of the app is that any updates that are made to the official Visit Korea website also automatically makes it to the app. As such the app always has the latest and the most up to date information.

Visit Korea Travel App

Visit Korea Travel App

As more and more Smartphone using travelers make their way to the Korean peninsula for their holidays, the updated app is going to help them to navigate and find their way in the country. This app is designed for someone who has no idea of the country to understand its rich culture, deep rooted traditions and savor the lovely sights, sounds and smells that Korea has to offer.

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