Greg Binskin the General Manager of Tourism Wollongong decides to quit

Tourism Wollongong

Tourism Wollongong

Greg Binskin the all hands-on type General Manager of Tourism Wollongong has recently decided to call time on his job and start spending more time with his family. In fact the recent step by Tourism Wollongong to increase their focus on marketing and assuming an increased role in the form of Destination Wollongong plus a 5 year funding, could have triggered this. Greg has been a part of Tourism Wollongong for more than 11 years and has spent considerable time and energy to transform the image of Wollongong as a destination par excellence for both tourism and a lifestyle.

Tourism Wollongong’s Chairman Matt Davidson, said, while agreeing to the decision of Greg, that this is an ideal time to look for different challenges in life. Although they are deeply sorry for having to let Greg go, they appreciate his decision to be with his family at a time when his family needs him the most. Greg’s indomitable zeal and spirit has transformed Tourism Wollongong and Matt thanked him on behalf of the entire team for his contribution.

Illawarra has now grown into a $678 million business and a lot of that is due to the hard work that has been done over the last few years. Greg’s hard work and commitment to the cause of the regional tourism body has helped it transform itself and become one of the social media’s best marketing successes. Greg single handedly started and made it a viral marketing success with the “We Love the Gong” campaign. His efforts also helped in transforming the town which was hitherto known for its manufacturing industries and cut a name for itself in the national tourism scenario. To his credit he has taken a team of 4 and a fledgling budget allocation and transformed it into a team of 12 and a 5 year budget for promotion of the city as a tourism, shopping and entertainment hub on the national scenario.

We love the Gong

We love the Gong

Statistically speaking Greg has been able to push up the overnight stays to 12 per cent and boosted the day trips by 5 per cent. This has been one of the best efforts by any regional or local government promoted tourism promotion bodies and is now providing a benchmark for many others to emulate and transform their own tourism promotion programs.

Greg did reflect on his own performance as being a fantastic journey and although the decision he took was difficult for him he said with all markers looking positive and Tourism Wollongong getting a 5 year funding, the decision is well timed. While thanking his managers that he served under, Jim Eddy and Matt Davidson, he explained that his young family needs more time from him and may be down the line he may think about further challenges to take up.

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