Celebrating 10 years of the Barossa Farmer’s market

The Barossa Farmer’s market

The Barossa Farmer’s market

The Barossa Farmer’s market is a fine example of home

grown food and provisions. This 29th of September the market celebrates 10 years of its formation. The famous market showcasing and making available to everyone fresh farm produce from the farmers of Barossa have a tag line ‘Real Food from the Homes and Farms of the Barossa’. It provides tourists and locals alike an opportunity to enjoy fresh seasonal farm produce from all parts of Barossa.

Barossa’s food culture is reminiscent of that of the wine culture of the famous wine producing areas of Europe. It all started decades back in the 1840’s. The Barossa farmer’s market seem to come alive on a Saturday morning and visitors to this part finds the market full of colors, smells and of course offering a mouth watering taste of the fresh farm produce of the region. But Barossa is not only a meeting place of everything related with food. It is a classic example of how a community comes alive at a place that meets once a week. Tourists coming to this market can mix with the locals understand more about them and their lives and enjoy a bit of their culture and delicacies.

Breakfast at the Barossa Farmer’s market

Breakfast at the Barossa Farmer’s market

The market supports many small food businesses. Locals like Maggie Beer love to be at the market on a Saturday morning whenever she is home. To her it is not only about the food, but a chance to catch up on life and a way of feeling “being at home” when at the market; something that she wouldn’t trade for anything else. No wonder she says that the market is very much the essence of the region.

Barossa’s Farm market offers one of the best olives and olive oil along with a variety of seasonal fruits and dried fruits. Apart from these one can dig into an assortment of fresh pork, lamb and beef along with chicken and duck. There are many small manufacturers of chocolate, honey, eggs, unhomogenised milk and cream, coffee roasters and fresh vegetables. Tourists are sure to find this a unique experience and something that is well worth coming to this place for.

The Barossa Farmer’s market has helped many small brands to become household names now and brands such as Carême Pastry which were favorites among the locals about a decade ago have decided to come back and help make the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Barossa Farmer’s market a special event. Except the expected and the unexpected with food, music, cooking demos and plenty of other surprises to boot.

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