A shopping app targeted to bargain shoppers

Bangkok Bargain Shopping

Bangkok Bargain Shopping

Bangkok has always been a favorite shopping venue for discount shoppers, with tourists coming here from all parts of the globe to buy their favorite products. Bangkok has also been recently tagged as the best bargain shopping destination in the whole of Asia. When it comes to shopping, Bangkok really provides a lot of opportunities for shoppers, right from the glistening, gleaming and well decorated malls to the small road side shops that appear to fill the whole of Bangkok’s streets. It is not about the lack of choices but rather the abundance of it that can make a shopper’s life difficult when in Bangkok.

A new Smartphone app called Bangkok Bargain Shopping seems to be something that was just waiting to happen. The good thing is it just did! Launched for both the iPhone and the Android platforms, this app targets to take the stress out of a shopaholic’s shopping experience and ensure that she gets everything that she wants and more.

Len Rutledge is an experienced writer and someone who comes with a lot of personal experience when it comes to what Bangkok has to offer. His experience has been invaluable when it came to designing this app. The app has been designed to be a definitive guide when it comes to looking for the best places to shop, the best things to buy, the best bargain prices for that item, details of VAT refunds and also an overall guide for any shopper looking to spend time walking down Bangkok’s shopping areas. Also available are complete details of 16 different malls, a host of marketing destinations and some shops which can offer a specialty shopping experience.



The app provides details of the locations, addresses and the contact details of the shops. A map displays all the details for the convenience of the shoppers. Additionally a lot of content has been provided such as photographs and videos which give an in depth detail of the shop and what they offer. This information can be invaluable when it comes to finding a location fast, saving time and money.

The whole design has been based on the powerful map2app application which has allowed the author of this app to harness the robustness and power and put it in a small frame as an useful local shopping guide. Local experts who may not have a lot of knowledge about how to design an app but can provide a lot of insight into a destination can use the map2app application and design their own mobile app.

Map2app has been launched a couple of weeks ago and provides users with local information to share their knowledge for the benefit of tourists and shoppers alike. More than 60 apps / travel guides has already been designed using this tool and it works as the perfect diving board for writers who always wanted to design their apps but never could manage the programming bit.

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