A new brand and a new website marks the 10th anniversary of Sustainable Travel International


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To mark its 10th anniversary, Sustainable Travel International, which is a global non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable tourism, has launched its new website and a new identity. An eventful decade marks the achievements of Sustainable Travel International.

During these years it has helped countless organizations and destinations to improve their potential by helping them to promote their local heritage in turn helping them to develop their economic potential and also supporting the cause of eco-conservation.

Sustainable Travel International is more than just an organization helping businesses and communities to promote their cultural heritage and helping them to become economically self-sufficient. It is a collection of years of experience, ideas and tools that help organizations at different levels to come together and help each other to accomplish a common goal.

CEO Brian T. Mullis, who is also the founder of Sustainable Travel International, looks back with pride when he says they have come a long way since 2002. While he is evidently proud of the achievements that he has accomplished in the past decade he appears to be in no mood to sit back and contemplate.

Over the last decade his organization has helped countless businesses realize their potential while also keeping an eye on sustainability and working within the limitations of a delicate ecological balance. New challenges are on the horizon and the threats to sustainability poses new areas where the organization can hope to work in the future.

sustainable eco-tourism

sustainable eco-tourism

Sharing his insights into his dreams, Brian explains that tourism has the power to not only develop independent economies but also further the cause of conservation & sustainability, reducing carbon footprint and providing education on eco-tourism. In fact Sustainable Travel International has been at the forefront of the sustainability effort.

With its presence in four continents and an ever growing network of partners and projects, Sustainable Travel International enters the second decade of their existence as a powerful organization capable of influencing policies and directives.

It is as such not a surprise that Sustainable Travel International has been selected as the principal consultant for the development and testing of requirements for being considered as an eco-tourism destination as per Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

To further the cause of sustainable tourism Sustainable Travel International will be organizing a number of events where industry leaders will be putting their thoughts in perspective. The first of these events will be taking place on the 17th of October, 2012 and is an event that will be co-hosted by The George Washington University.

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