Quad Bikes pose a serious threat to life for international tourists

Quad bikes

Quad bikes

Quad bikes are a major source of fun and entertainment when tourists travel overseas. Resorts and travel agents often have them as a part of the itinerary and try to woo travelers to ride them for some cheap thrill. But these can be dangerous and pose a serious threat to the life and limb of the rider and any passenger riding with him. The problem is that not many of the resorts have proper licensing requirements in place and often do no even ask for licenses from the rider before allowing them to ride.

The recent news that a quad bike accident has left a British mum fighting for her life has been the sixth such incident in Ibiza since June. What is more saddening to hear is that the rider of the bike was her own son and since he was not even properly licensed to ride a bike, their travel insurance coverage did not provide them with any compensation.

Often tourists in overseas locations indulge in a bit of fun and light hearted entertainment and choose the wrong sport to experience some thrill. Quad bikes, unlike popular believe, are far more dangerous than normal bikes. Anyone who is not properly qualified to ride should not ride them at all. Rental companies often give rudimentary training which is never enough and fail to properly warn tourists of the inherent dangers of riding these bikes. Quad bikes have a high centre of gravity and that means they can overturn quite easily. When they do, riders often fall on them injuring themselves.

Quad bikes

Quad bikes

SureSave is a leading travel insurance provider and recommends that travelers think long and hard before deciding to ride these bikes. Michael McAuliffe the Executive Director of SureSave mentions that Quad bikes are particularly popular in Greece and the Spanish Islands. Rules and regulations about riding these bikes are not the same in all countries. While some countries may make it mandatory to have proper license other countries may require nothing at all to ride them. As such if a rider is met with an accident while riding one of these illegally, his travel insurance policy will cover nothing.

SureSave offers travel insurance cover for tourists traveling in other countries and include a clause for automatic coverage in the event of any accident while the traveler was riding a Quad Bike. No premium is required for the same. However if the rider does not have the proper license then nothing is covered. These bikes are ridden on terrains which are tough and even for a professional and otherwise experienced hand the ride may be difficult to manage. Accidents are frequent and hospital bills can easily mount to thousands of dollars. Not having the proper insurance coverage can be catastrophic for travelers.

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