JetStar plane engine problem causes passenger panic


JetStar flight JQ670 en route from Adelaide to Darwin was forced to return to its originating port after passengers reported sparks and fire coming from one of the plane’s engines.

Shortly after switching off the fasten seatbelt sign, passengers claim a loud bang was heard shortly before the Airbus 320-200 began to shudder mid-air.

Passengers told local media they saw streaks of flames coming from the right hand side engine.

“Passengers on the right side of the plane were saying a big flame came from the right engine then all the lights on the right wing stopped working” a passenger told NTNews.

“Everything was quiet and there was a worried look on most people’s faces.”

According to another passenger “everyone was screaming on the plane,”

Not long after the loud bang, the pilot indicated to the passengers that there was an issue with one of the engines. The plane turned back for Adelaide operating on a single engine, where emergency crews were on standby to assess the plane.

JetStar is investigating the issue and refuses to be drawn on the exact cause of the malfunction.

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