When in the east, take care what you eat and drink: SureSave guidelines to traveling in South East Asia

traveller's diarrhoea (TD)

traveller’s diarrhoea (TD)

SureSave is a leading provider of travel insurance coverage for Australian travelers visiting abroad. Every year they provide assistance and support to hundreds of Australian travelers traveling to exotic destinations in Asia and then falling prey to the worst problem that a traveler can have, tummy trouble. Food poisoning, gastrointestinal problems, anything related with tummy trouble SureSave has it covered. However they report that there is no growing concern among travelers as to the graveness and or the cause of these illnesses.

Michael McAuliffe, the Executive Director at SureSave mentions that they have seen a growing incidence of food poisoning and or gastrointestinal complexities among travelers going to the South East Asian countries and one in every ten hospitalizations have been reported to be related with these. The highest incidence of these problems has been in Bali.



McAuliffe continues to add that Traveler’s Diarrhoea (TD, the name referred to these gastrointestinal problems) is known to affect at least 50% of the travelers during their trip at some stage or the other. While most travelers believe that these are caused by the food, and it is advisable as well not to eat at places that does not confirm to the minimum hygiene standards, much of these (at least 80%) is caused by water borne bacteria. Out of the 75% cases that are reported, the three countries of Indonesia (35%), Thailand (30%) and Singapore (10%) have the highest incidence of reported cases.

While in most of the cases (and that includes severe cases of Traveler’s Diarrhoea) a brief hospitalization is all that is required, serious cases have been known to occur requiring prolonged stay. SureSave recently covered an individual who had run bills worth $10,000 because of a simple case of TD.



McAuliffe suggests travelers struck with the runs stretching more than a week to immediately consult a doctor. Repeated runs mean your body is getting dehydrated and you could have a problem that is far more serious than you think. But not to worry in a place that you’re unfamiliar with. Just use the assistance number that came with your policy and SureSave will take care of everything.

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