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The best way to experience all the sights and sounds of Ballarat is at a leisurely pace, so you could really immerse yourself in the whole Ballarat experience.

With the amount of things to do like art galleries, museums, wine tastings, tours, and concerts, you would like to have the luxury of being able to experience all of these things at your own leisure as well having all these amazing things close by.

Here are some examples of the kinds of accommodations that will make your stay in Ballarat all the more memorable.

Bed and Breakfasts are perfect for people looking for an intimate experience during their stay. As these establishments usually contain less than 10 rooms, you are treated to having a semi-private stay in a quaint, charming house that’s probably run by a nice couple that’s always willing to regale you with stories of interesting guests and local places to check out.

Peaceful, charming, picturesque, and downright pleasant are just some of the words that come to mind when checking into one of Ballarat’s Bed and Breakfast accommodations.

Currently, the highest rated B&B in Ballarat in Trip Advisor is Ardenlee Traditional Bed and Breakfast.

Ballarat Self-contained Apartments and Cottages

Travelling with a relatively large group will probably mean your party won’t fit in a regular bed and breakfast. If you’re in such a group, you might want to look into some self-contained apartments and cottages.

Unlike bed and breakfasts and hotels and inns, most of these establishments assume that you are willing to self-cater so be ready to fire up the grill and host your own impromptu barbecue or cookout.

Facilities usually found in these establishments include kitchens, laundry, outdoor furniture, wi-fi, fireplace, and refrigerators.

According to Trip Advisor, the highest rated self-contained apartments are Lake Wendouree Luxury Apartments, and Executive Townhouse, Ballarat.

Ballarat Hotels and Motels

If you prefer luxury and comfort over quaint and charming, Ballarat also has a host of hotels and motels available to suit whatever requirements you may have.

Whether you simply need a place to stay that has room service, or a place that has restaurants, tennis courts, spas, pools, wi-fi, and bars, you can find your perfect hotel or inn in Ballarat.

Some places even have their own Cycling / Running Path. So if you feel like you need extra pampering during your stay in Ballarat, then make arrangements only with Ballarat accredited hotels and motels to ensure an enjoyable and hassle free stay.

Trip Advisor’s highest rated Hotels are Seymours on Lydiard and Comfort Inn & Suites City Views.

Ballarat Caravan and Camping

Adventurous travellers or simply those on a budget can look into the caravan parks, camping grounds, and backpackers hostel.

Get closer to nature with these outdoor accommodations and find out what makes Ballarat nights so magical.

Facilities include kitchens, kiosks, heated pools, TV / Lounge areas, spas, games / recreation room, and tennis courts.

Currently, the top rated camping grounds in Trip Advisor are BIG4 Ballarat Goldfields Holiday Park, and BIG4 Ballarat Welcome Stranger Holiday Park.

Ballarat is such a fun and welcoming place to visit. It would be a shame to cut your stay short because you did not plan for accommodations in advance. Whether you want all the luxuries that modern living can provide or you want to get closer to nature, you will find the right place to stay in Ballarat.

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