A special whiskey tasting experience onboard the Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania’s Melbourne to Davenport sailing this Thursday 22nd November is going to be a great time for whiskey lovers on board. They can get into an early festive mood with a special whiskey tasting offer from Lark Distillery. Lark Distillery is a boutique distillery from Tasmania specializing in producing superior quality single malt whiskey and a number of other unique Tasmanian spirits. The Spirit Bar on board the Spirit of Tasmania II will be the venue for this special sample tasting event starting 8 PM during the sailing.

Nick Harriman, Retail & Hospitality General Manager of the company mentioned that the special whiskey tasting experience is just another of the company’s endeavors to showcase on board some of the finest Tasmanian products. This time Lark Distillery’s whisky, liqueur, gin and vodka will be the featured products on display. Later on during the summer the company will also feature some of the other Tasmanian company’s as well, such as Anvers Chocolates.

While cruising on the Spirit of Tasmania, guests can enjoy time on the dance floor with some feet tapping music from The Fiddle Chicks. Traditional Celtic, European, gypsy, roots, blues and American folk fusion will make the evening come alive on board the vessel.

Wine tasting on the Spirit of Tasmania

Wine tasting on the Spirit of Tasmania

Tasmania’s first licensed distillery back in 1839, Lark Distillery was established to produce the finest quality Australian single malt whiskey. The product is unique in the sense that it is crafted using only locally produced pure Tasmanian ingredients and processed only in small batches. It is matured in small barrels and then hand bottled in Tasmania to be savored around the world by connoisseurs of fine whiskey.

The birth of Tasmania’s first single malt whiskey came on a fishing trip in the highlands of Tasmania. Bill lark’s father-in-law Max brought with them a fine bottle of single malt whiskey. While they enjoyed the bottle at the park at Bothwell, in an area surrounded by Georgian buildings, barley fields, the Clyde river, a thought came to Bill’s mind, how come no-one is manufacturing malt whiskey in Tasmania? Thus Lark Distillery was born and what started as a spark soon became a family endeavor, a passion for creating the finest quality Tasmanian single mart whiskey. Bill’s wife Lyn and daughter Kristy both played an important role in the growth of the business.  When Kristy joined the business as the head distiller, she was one of the youngest distiller’s in the world.

Bill today thanks both ladies and their contribution to the growth of Lark Distillery. He mentions that women have a better sense when it comes to distinguishing flavors and that has given Lark Distillery a definite edge over other distilleries in the country.

Lark Distillery has today become one of the largest distilleries in the country, producing premium quality single malt whiskey and other spirits. Age old methods are followed in the production of these spirits and the distillery has an 1800 litre copper pot still plus a 500-litre spirit still. Per month the distillery churns out 10 to 12 100 litre barrels of spirits. Apart from single malt whiskey, which is the main product of the company, premium quality vodka, gin and TASI aromatica bush liqueur is also produced.

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