A floating heliport for the Sydney harbour

Newcastle Helicopters floating heliport for the Sydney harbour

Newcastle Helicopters floating heliport for the Sydney harbour

Ever since the Darling Harbour Heliport was closed down due to repairs back in the 1980’s, the Sydney CBD area never had a heliport for herself. That means in comparison to some of the truly international cities of the world such as London and New York, Sydney always came short. Now with the enterprising efforts of Newcastle Helicopters things are going to change.

James Guest and Mitchell Campbell, both directors at Newcastle Helicopters have designed a new concept of a powered flat top vessel that will be based out of the central Sydney harbour and have two helipad sites on board, complete with enough space to arrange for passenger movements and other requirements. Proper permission of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the Roads and Maritime Services and Sydney Ports are taken by James Guest, while all precautions have been taken to ensure that the service operates within the safety guidelines as laid down by both the government organisations.

In order to ensure that the heliport service remains within the safety guidelines, the service will be operated from pre-designated locations which will be away from the established shipping channels and residential areas. The service will be available from 7 AM in the morning and till dusk and will be made available to pre-approved helicopter service operators only. All flights will conform to the existing routes and the established rules of the Sydney harbour airspace will still be applicable.

The absence of a fixed land based structure and the mobility of the water based helipad is going to be extremely convenient for the needs of the local businesses. Passengers can easily access the mobile heliport via the existing Sydney water taxi services or take help of other operators. Connections from the Mascot airport will mean fast and hassle free transfers to all businessmen and residents of the Sydney CBD area.

Things are looking great even from the prospect of tourism in the city. Tourists looking for a scenic tour of the city will enjoy the central location close to their accommodation in the city. It will be suitable for the purpose of passengers of cruise ships as well, who are looking for a fast tour with limited time in hand. Several connecting flights to regions around Sydney such as Hunter Valley wine region, Blue Mountains and the South, Port Stephens, The North and the central coasts, will allow tourists to reach these locations in just about an hour from the Sydney floating heliport.

However the benefits of the new floating heliport will not end there. Emergency services will also benefit from it. Many other air and water based commercial operators will also welcome the arrival of Sydney’s floating heliport. Even the commercial pilots of the Newcastle Helicopter’s flying school will find their services in greater demand once the floating heliport becomes operational.

By the middle of 2013, the Sydney floating heliport service will become a tailored vessel, complete with meeting rooms, refuelling facilities and even an aircraft storage facility. One can start expecting packages, flight details and gift vouchers early December.

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