QANTAS mid air engine fire


Another QANTAS drama today with reports of a QANTAS flight forced to fly back to Sydney soon after departing en-route to Singapore.

QANTAS flight QF5 left Sydney airport on 5:10PM on Tuesday, 30th of March 2010 heading toward Singapore.

The flight was 30 minutes into transit when passengers and people on the ground reported seeing flames coming out of the third engine on the right hand side of the plane.

Jack Martin, a witness who was surfing at the time told Channel Nine,

“I looked up and saw a big Qantas plane flying and its right engine was on fire,”

Another witness, Steve, who was driving from Canberra to Kurnell told Macquarie Radio,

“I pulled up and watched and as it headed out to sea the flames were coming out of the engine, and … it just flew off into the clouds,”

One of the 414 passengers on board the flight reported that the issues were made worse by the lack of communication from staff and the captain of the plane.

QANTAS spokeswoman Christie McSweeney told,

“We have a technical issue identified with the aircraft, we believe it is impacting one of the engines,

“It was not in an emergency at any stage.”There was likely to have been some sparks and flint, but nothing we would describe as flames and fire.”

The aeroplane had to circle Sydney for around  minutes to dump excess fuel – a regulation by the aviation authorities.

The flight landed safely back at Sydney at 6:15PM.

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