New world record set by Oasis of the Seas


The 16th voyage of the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas has yielded a world record with the luxury liner being the first in the world to carry some 6000 passengers.

The Oasis of the Seas has come close to the record many times, with this being the only time it has surpassed the golden number.

“While the Oasis of the Seas team expected the guest count to reach over 6,000, just five minutes before the terminal was closed the actual guest count was only 5,997” said Adam Armstrong, Commercial Manager, Royal Caribbean Cruises Australia.

“Then as the champagne was being taken off ice, it was announced that the last few guests had arrived – bringing the total guest numbers to 6,007 from 64 different countries.”

The two unsuspecting 6000th guests were Judith Schmidt and her husband Jeremy Schmidt who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary (and who was also celebrating his 68th trip on the ocean liner).

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