Chichaku opens the burgeoning Chinese market for Oz tourism

0 offers opportunity to attract affluent Chinese travellers offers opportunity to attract affluent Chinese travellers is a multi-lingual travel website that deals with information and updates about the travel industry, content, and other details ideal for making travel plans. It has quickly become one of the most popular travel websites in the world. The word Chichaku is taken from the Chinook jargon meaning ‘Newcomer’. The site is targeted predominantly towards the affluent Chinese travelling community looking for information online. This month makes its grand entry into Australia with a showcase of Queensland.

Charlie Allcorn, the director of Chichaku Australia mentioned that in building the website they have actually used their experiences from the largest inbound travel market in the world, China. Their aim had been to provide a comprehensive listing of the world’s favourite destinations with details and information that can help discerning Chinese travellers making their travel plans. At the same time the website will also provide an opportunity for tourism businesses around the globe to connect with Chinese travellers.

An experienced line-up of travel writers provide the bulk of the content on the site, sharing their personal experiences of having travelled to the destinations. Even the general internet traffic can also share their own experiences which are published online. is completely dedicated to the cause of the Chinese travellers. The site uses a Chinese domain name, is actually hosted in China, interacts with various Chinese social networking sites and even uses Chinese keywords for optimisation with the search engines. Additionally all content on the website are translated in keeping with the Chinese perspective. Online travel agents are roped in to ensure that they can fill in the missing parts.

Chichaku opens the burgeoning Chinese market for Australian tourism businesses

Chichaku opens the burgeoning Chinese market for Australian tourism businesses

Mr. Allcorn further added that Chichaku is expecting a positive response from the tourism businesses of Queensland especially in light of the new direct flights from China to the North. Businesses looking for an association can select from the three website listing packages that Chichaku currently offers. Prices range between $500 plus GST per year for the basic listing to $1600 Plus GST per year for the Premium Plus package.

The founder and CEO of Jonathan Reynolds sounds optimistic when he mentioned that Australia will definitely be the main source for the growth of the website in the next few years. Equally the Australian businesses will find the opportunity to attract affluent Chinese travellers very much to their liking.

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