Kiwis Get Ready For Summer Vacations

A view of Queenstown

A view of Queenstown

With more than half of New Zealand’s population looking to take a vacation during the Christmas – New Year period, the country’s holiday destinations are going to be buzzing as usual during that time of the year. However Tourism Industry Association New Zealand’s (TIA) latest “AA Mood of the New Zealand Traveller” researched by Colmar Brunton also reveals that almost 13% of the population haven’t yet decided whether they are going to take a vacation after all, and will be looking to secure last minute bookings if they finally made up their minds.

While Auckland certainly seems like going to win the race for the most popular destination, more traditional summer destinations such as Tauranga/Mount Maunganui, Lake Taupo and Coromandel are also going to be very popular this time. South Island’s Queenstown, Christchurch and Nelson are going to be the top destinations there.

Rebecca Cherry, GM Marketing, AA Marketing mentioned that although 38% of the population will be looking to stay back during this time, those who will be going on a vacation will be looking to stay for longer duration. Compared to an average stay of 7.4 nights for the last two years, this year the projected figures are 7.9 nights for the same period. It is also why almost 21% of Kiwis reported that they would be spending more during their vacation this year.

Kiwis definitely look to spend more time with their families during this time of the year. Ellen Parkhouse, a spokeswoman from Colman Brunton revealed that 70% of those planning to travel will be going with their relatives. Another 40% will be travelling with their partners and 23% with their friends.

River Rafting

River Rafting

TIA’s CEO Martin Snedden mentioned that travellers are surely looking for a more private accommodation, with more than 70% preferring a private home, bach or crib. Conversely Motels and holiday parks are going to attract only 16% of the vacationers. He also mentioned about 62% of those who will need an accommodation have not yet booked. While short booking are increasingly becoming a trend, he had a piece of advice for those adopting it – people employing this approach often miss out on the preferred options because they are late.

Some other interesting findings of the December edition of “AA Mood of the New Zealand Traveller” –

•    Wellington is the destination of choice for the Kiwi traveller. Most of the respondents reported they would like to visit the place within the next six months. This is followed by Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown and Nelson.
•    Over 61% of the Kiwi travellers prefer to book online, either with a third party provider or directly with the accommodation provider.
•    69% reported that they would like to travel around the country more in the next six months. The major obstacles to travel being money and work related responsibilities.
•    Australia is the favourite international holiday destination for Kiwis.

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