Aussie heroes save Cathay Pacific flight


Two Australian Cathay Pacific pilots have been labelled heroes after successfully landing a Cathay Pacific flight from Indonesia on Tuesday.

The Airbus A330 encountered engine problems during the flight with one engine totally shutting off, while the other engine intermittently faded in and out. The pilots were faced with a problem, as the plane was on the brink of descending into the sea if they couldn’t coax it back to the airport.

A colleague of the two pilots told the South China Morning Post that:

“It was an amazing piece of piloting in extremely testing circumstances,”

The two pilots were forced to land the Hong Kong bound plane on a single engine, a miraculous feat considering the circumstances and the near full 309 passenger load.

Cathay Pacific issued a statement saying that a small fire started at the undercarriage of the plane after the emergency landing as one of the wheels sparked.

Eight people sustained injuries during the ordeal, but it’s believed the injuries occurred during the evacuation, opposed to during the landing or lead up.

The same colleague of the two pilots also said:

“One engine was shut down completely and the other was going on and off … they effectively landed the plane on half an engine,

“What they did was nothing short of heroic.”

Cathay Pacific is currently investigating the cause of the engine failure.

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