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The Mayan prophecy did not come true and the world despite the worst fears of sceptics survived. If you have been waiting for an excuse to leave your home and the safety of the shores behind then this is probably the best that you would get in a while. The team at the Get Lost magazine says this is the perfect time to get out and get lost; wandering the face of the Earth, soaking in the best that it has to offer, experiencing the natural wonders and the cultural extravaganza.

To give you that gentle push the team at the Get Lost magazine has just created a Hot 100 list of the best travel destinations in the world. They have climbed towering mountains, enjoyed the sun on lovely pristine beaches and travelled thousands of air miles in search of the ultimate destinations; all this in the hope that it can inspire even the staunchest of couch potatoes to leave their homes. The special section of the magazine is a testimony of the team’s hard work, creating a huge list reflecting the best that the world has to offer to the discerning traveller.

From exploring underwater sculptures in Mexico to spotting the mythical leaping tigers of China, to enjoying cocktails with fermented human toes or trying your luck at the fighter jet jaunts in Czech Republic there is a bit in it for all types of travellers on this list. However the best of the lot is Colombia.

Colombia, the South American luscious lady of the North is the top destination adjudged by the team at Get Lost. According to Justin Jamieson, publisher of the Get Lost magazine, they have literally spent days tossing ideas, arguing over them before finally coming to a consensus. The result is a fantastic collection of the best destinations that any one can hope to see in a lifetime. He even goes the distance to challenge anyone to read the latest edition of the magazine and not be inspired to leave home right away for some destination and get lost.

The Get Lost edition 35 is currently in the stands on sale and contains much more than this Hot list. It has experiences of walking in the Canadian wilderness, an enchanting tale of a pilgrimage of enlightenment in Japan and a Samoan festival which should give you enough materials to jump-start your travel plans.

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