Air New Zealand ranked #2 in the latest JACDEC safety index

Air New Zealand ranked #2 in the latest JACDEC safety index

Air New Zealand ranked #2 in the latest JACDEC safety index

In a boost to its image as one of the safest airlines in the business, Air New Zealand has been ranked second by Europe’s Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) in the annual JACDEC Safety Index. The airline that tops the chart is Finnair. The ratings index also sees the presence of other big and well established names such as Etihad, Virgin Australia and Cathay Pacific in the top ten.

Air New Zealand’s Chief Flight Operations and safety Officer David Morgan rejoiced by saying that every bit of this recognition is due to the hard work of the 10,000-strong employee force of the airlines.

Air New Zealand has been strongly upholding the motto of safety first and when it came to the matter of their passengers and their safety, nothing was more important. The recognition came as a proof that the staff and the crew of Air New Zealand  has worked hard towards practicing that motto and ensuring that the airlines is one of the top three so far as safety is concerned.

Every year JACDEC does a methodical calculation of the safety performances of the hundreds of airlines in the world. A number of constraints are considered including hull loss accidents, or any other serious accidents that may jeopardize the safety of the passengers and then compared to the performance of the airlines in terms of revenue passenger kilometers. The statistical data is collected for a period of 30 years and then measured to bring up the index. JACDEC also considers the international safety standards that are set from time to time and then compare the airlines on the basis of those standards.

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