Qantas Pairs Up With Swisse Wellness To Bring The Ellen DeGeneres Show To Australia

Qantas Pairs Up With Swisse Wellness To Bring The Ellen DeGeneres Show To Australia

Qantas Pairs Up With Swisse Wellness To Bring The Ellen DeGeneres Show To Australia

As a major boost to the Australian tourism businesses’ global image, the Ellen DeGeneres Show is going to come to its shores, with several planned segments to be filmed in and around Melbourne and Sydney. During an episode that was filmed today in Los Angeles, the show’s host Ellen DeGeneres announced this along with Nicole Kidman, the Global Ambassador of Swisse Wellness. Today’s episode scheduled to be aired soon will be watched by more than 16 million global viewers.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a very popular one in the United States and is watched by millions of viewers around the globe as well. The show appeals to a very affluent section of the market, one which is a prime demographic for the Australian tourism industry. Apart from United States, where this show is a major hit, it is also watched in the UK, New Zealand and Japan. Needless to say that United States, New Zealand, UK and Japan are some of the key markets from where the major inflow of international tourists to Australia originates.

The Ellen DeGeneres show, sponsored by Swisse Wellness an Australian venture, appeals to its audience because of the hosts’ persona on screen and her unique natural brand of fun & optimism; something that is loved by viewers all over globe including Australians.

Qantas, another business that is closely associated with Tourism Australia, is partnering with Swisse Wellness to bring the show to Australia. As a part of their support to the cause of promoting Australia to the world, each member of the audience in the studio today received a free return ticket for Qantas. The tickets can be redeemed for flights between New York/Dallas Fort Worth/Los Angeles and Sydney/Melbourne.

Alan Joyce CEO Qantas Group mentioned that the efforts to bring the Ellen DeGeneres Show to Australia will provide a tremendous opportunity to promote the country to the world. The show is extremely popular in the markets where it is aired and that gives tourism Australia to showcase itself to a global audience. He also added that Qantas would be looking forward with Swisse Wellness and the tourism industries of Victoria and New South Wales to ensure that this is a successful endeavour.

The recent announcement rounds off a week of promoting tourism Australia in the United States. Earlier this week Qantas had, with the support of Swisse Wellness, held its annual Spirit of Australia party in Los Angeles. This event showcased a number of Australian talents on stage.

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