Aurora Expeditions launch the pioneering ‘Track my Trip’ facility

'Track my Trip'

‘Track my Trip’

Aurora Expeditions’ ‘Track my Trip’ program is designed for travellers wanting to keep their loved ones back home informed of their whereabouts specially when travelling in remote and otherwise difficult to communicate from places.
Aurora Expeditions have launched a brand new social media tracking system, one that seamlessly keep the folks back home know exactly where their loved ones are when travelling on their cruise ships. The ‘Track my Trip’ system basically updates the location of the cruise ship, which in this case is the Polar Pioneer, on a central system via GPS. Every 15 minutes the location is updated and then is submitted to social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The same information is also updated on Aurora Expeditions’ website so that visitors can locate the current position of the cruise on a map. This allows concerned folks back home to know where the cruise is at the moment, find out more about the ports of call that the cruise ship drops anchor at and look at the pictures of these places.

Aurora Expeditions’ 'Track my Trip' program

Aurora Expeditions’ ‘Track my Trip’ program

The ‘Track my Trip’ is a complimentary service and one that travellers can opt for before leaving on the cruise. This will allow the updates to be shared on their social networking profiles. This gives a complete peace of mind for the people ba

ck home and also lets the travellers enjoy their cruise without having to worry too much about trying to reach back home all the time. Additionally, people who love sharing their travels with their friends and families in the form of status update or pictures will love this auto social network update feature. More than 70% of the times travellers access social networking sites and make updates whilst they are travelling. The ‘Track my Trip’ software designed by TrekTraka allows travellers to do just that without ever having to use a Smartphone or a computer.

A photo op from a Aurora Expeditions' Cruise

A photo op from a Aurora Expeditions’ Cruise

Previous experiences on Aurora Expeditions’ cruises have revealed that due to the extremely remote locations of some of their cruises, passengers have been found using expensive methods in order to communicate back home. Even then they have not been able to reach through to their loved ones back home on a consistent basis adding to the frustration and anxiety. Now with the ‘Track my Trip’ program travellers on the Polar Pioneer would be able to let their family and friends known where they are without spoiling their journey on this once in a lifetime cruise.

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