The Visit USA’s Australian travel trade Expo is just two weeks away


With only two weeks remaining to the Visit USA’s Australian travel trade Expo, organizers of the event are busy giving its intended participants a preview of what to expect in the forthcoming event.

Visit USA’s Australian travel trade Expo

Visit USA’s Australian travel trade Expo

The event will witness more than 55 representatives from the USA each representing travel bureaus or tourism providers coming down to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane during the event in February, making it the largest ever gathering in the history of the event.

This year’s event which has a sporting theme will see the more than 55 representatives from USA being co-sponsored by Major League Baseball. What it means is participants to the even can expect a blast of major league fun including the sights and the sounds that are normally associated with America’s favourite sport.

The smell of fresh buttery popcorn will welcome them as they make their way into the gala event along with the sound of a jazz band that will play a lively tune in the background. Guests can try their hands at an inflatable pitching cage or on a Wii console, at ping-pong tables or on a mini field where they can put on a display of their homerun hitting skills.

The event will also have some additional attractions in American Baseball league players and mascots of the different teams from the league. One can also indulge in a bit of role play by putting on American baseball league costumes and taking pictures of themselves at the photobooths masquerading as their favourite player. As an added bonus participants in these events can also win more than a dozen prizes on offer. There is a grand prize; a trip to Los Angeles courtesy of Air New Zealand to be also won.

All that fun and activities even before the dinner and trivia begins!

The Visit USA Organisation’s Australia Expo will be held from February 13th to 20th, 2013 at Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It is a platform that will see more than 2000 Australian travel agents getting a chance to meet more than 55 American travel representatives along with representation from the travel bureaus. It is a chance to create commercial connections between travel organisations of the two nations and stay informed with the latest news and updates from the travel sectors of both nations.

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