Kedarnath — A tryst with faith


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Kedarnath’s solitude nestled deep within the confines of the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and flanked by the Garhwal Mountains on three sides and the river Mandakini on the other is a sight for even a non-believer to stop and rethink. It is the perfect synergy of spiritualism, solitude and love for the beautiful world that cocoons us.

Amazing Kendarnath

The simple yet awe inspiring temple constructed more than a thousand years ago immediately instills a sense of devotion and confidence. Even the staunchest of atheist cannot but discover a bit of believer in him, when in the presence of this magnificence.

A semi-easy trek of 14 kilometers from Gaurikunda (a small hamlet about 237 kilometers from Haridwar in Uttaranchal, India) to Kedarnath via a mountain path, often nothing more than a narrow ledge of less than six feet in width overlooking the roaring Mandakini River far below, brings one to the foot of the Garhwal Mountains and to an elevation of 11,657 feet. Here stands the fabled stone walled structure housing the deity that draws pilgrims from across the country.

Kendarnath location

The surrounding valley is wrapped in green grass. At lower altitudes one can notice oak trees of different varieties which keep company until one gets closer to the towering snow capped Garhwal Mountains which usher you to their heart. Kedarnath is truly a mesmerizing place, one that is enthralling and awe-inspiring; a place that will stay forever as one of my favorites.


8.4 Breathtaking

Set amongst the Garhwal Mountains in India, Kedarnath is YouTravel's own Rory Mukherjee's favourite location. Sure, his ratings are a little bit biased, but what's a few extra points between friends!

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  • Places to see 10
  • Safety 10
  • Kid Friendly 8
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