Tourism Australia partners with Luxperience

Helen Logas, CEO of Luxperience

Helen Logas, CEO of Luxperience

The annual luxury and experiential travel trade event of the year for the Australasian region Luxperience has been befriended by Tourism Australia. A wide range of partnerships are expected as a result of this mutually beneficial agreement. A key outcome of this is the promotional assistance to be received by Luxperience from the national tourism authority of Australia. Needless to say Tourism Australia will also gain from this partnership as they can expect to use the platform for promoting Australia as a destination to the travels markets of Asia, Europe, Middle East and of course North America.

Both the organizations will work together to implement a program of media familiarization, which will be aimed at making popular the wide range of Australian destinations and showcasing them to a global audience. A major co-operation will also be provided by the Tourism Australia in the areas of digital and social media marketing efforts.

Speaking on the occasion, Tourism Australia’s General Manager of Destination development, Craig Davidson mentioned that Luxperience offers a fantastic platform for the Australian tourism body to showcase its destinations to the global discerning traveller. It is the perfect avenue to reach out to travellers from Europe, Asia, North America, and Middle East. He also added that Tourism Australia had taken a very close look at Luxperience 2012 and the presence of international customers has been something that they were very impressed with. This to a large extent has been instrumental in tilting their decision in favour of patronizing Luxperience 2013.

Tourism Australia will not only be a key supporter of Luxperience 2013 but they will also support the official welcome event scheduled for September 2nd. With the event increasing in popularity and a major footfall expected this year; Tourism Australia is hoping to get invaluable inputs from the international customers who will be attending the event this year. Needless to say this information will also help them to improve their future marketing programs and ensure that they can tailor made them to garner the attention of the luxury travel market.

Mr. Davidson also mentioned that research conducted by Tourism Australia has revealed that Australia occupies an enviable position when it comes to top travel destination choices. It is a truly magnificent destination that offers a perfect synergy of wild adventure, mesmerizing natural beauty and the lure of Über -cosmopolitan metropolis and is thus extremely popular among travellers. Tourism Australia, he added, can now boast of a number of luxury packages that are up with the best in the world. Luxperience is thus the perfect platform to showcase all that to travellers who demand nothing but the best and are ready to pay for it.

Helen Logas, CEO of Luxperience mentioned that the partnership between the two organizations is a major step forward in making Australia an even more popular destination among the global traveller. Needless to say this partnership will ensure that the two organizations work on a number of common goals starting this year.

The second Luxperience will commence on September 2nd and conclude on the 4th. The Overseas Passenger Terminal of the stunning Sydney Harbour will be the venue of this annual event.

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