Young Australians give up luxuries to travel: Contiki


A travel report released today by Contiki Holidays titled Dollars and Sense reveals that young Australians are more likely to go without luxuries if it means they have more chance to save for travel.

The report states 45% of the 500 youths aged between 18 and 35 surveyed would live on less and give up luxuries if it meant being able to travel.

39% of those surveyed suggested they would happily work overtime to earn the money for travel, while 16% said they would pawn possessions for money to travel.

The report, which was conducted by Galaxy Research stated that 2.7-million young Australians were planning to travel abroad over the next three to four years, with around 1.6-million currently saving for those plans.

It’s not all about international travel though, with around one third of young Australians planning a trip domestically.

The research clearly indicates that travel is a highly sought after commodity for young Australians, willing to get it out of their systems before beginning full time work and permanent careers.

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