BITRE adjudges Qantas as the most punctual domestic airlines

A Qantas flight taking off

A Qantas flight taking off

As per the Australian Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) Qantas has yet again been adjudged the most punctual of all domestic airlines in the country. Qantas has led both the on-time departures and arrival charts and is incidentally also the airlines that have the least number of cancellations.

The BITRE statistics places Qantas at the top of the charts for 2012 which makes it the fourth year running, something that the top brass at the airlines is incredibly proud of. It has had a much better performance when compared to its nearest competitor in the domestic sector.

Alan Joyce, Qantas’ Group CEO took the opportunity to express his joy and credited the incredible record of the airlines, four years on the trot, to the elaborate planning in improving punctuality and the meticulous allocation of resources to ensure that the plans are successfully implemented.

He added that their passengers put a lot of emphasis on timing and punctuality, as a lot of them rely on Qantas’ for attending their meetings. In order to keep this promise and ensure that their passengers reach their destinations on time, Qantas has invested a lot of resources and its crew has put in a lot of hard work. The result of this hard work is that Qantas has topped the charts in 9 out of the 12 months in consideration including one month where it shared the honours. The on-time departures averaged 85.9% over the year which is 2.6% more than the nearest competitor. In absolute terms this is almost 3000 flights and half a million passengers who have been on time during the year.

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