Efforts are afoot to bring the Titanic II to New York

The Titanic

The Titanic

The legendary Titanic will once again see the light of day, albeit in a new avatar, sailing from Southampton in UK to New York in the US, if efforts initiated by Australian billionaire Professor Clive Palmer are to succeed. More than 100 years after it was originally due to dock at the New York harbor, the legendary White Star Line merchant ship is due to be rebuilt and christened the Titanic II, and will sail some time in late 2016.

In a gala dinner event, to be held on board the USS Intrepid, the plans of the Titanic II will be unveiled to the world, by Professor Palmer. The setting of the black-tie event is simply perfect as the USS Intrepid is a US national landmark which is also the home of the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. The event is likely to attend by more than 500 invitees.

Speaking on the subject Professor Palmer mentioned that no doubt the first priority of the event would be to reveal the blueprints of the Titanic II to the world, but the event will also be used to pay tributes to the historic ship, its passengers and the crew as well as usher the new ship that will soon set sail. He mentioned, “Titanic was a ship of dreams and Titanic II will be the ship where the dreams come true.”

No wonder such an ambitious project of such magnanimous proportions would garner worldwide attention and the billionaire professor mentioned that he has already received more than 40,000 booking enquiries from across the world for the maiden voyage.

The event which will feature some of the top world leaders, senior diplomats and a number of US political figures bound to have a world class entertainment and Professor palmer wanted it to be reminiscent of that of the entertainment onboard the original Titanic. McGuinness & Co, an Irish band from Australia, along with Australian entertainer Glenn Shorrock, Sungha Jung, an accomplished South Korean acoustic guitarist along with Taylor Davis an US classical violinist will be giving their performances to the distinguished guests. But that is not all, the guests will be treated with an 11-course gala ‘Captain’s Atlantic Dinner’ which will have dishes from the original Titanic’s menu. A total of 60 top chefs from around the globe will be flown in specifically for this event.

Titanic II

Titanic II


Club de Madrid, the largest global forum for former presidents and prime ministers of democratic nations will be one of the organizations to be represented in the event. Former Canadian Prime Minister and the founder of the forum Kim Campbell along with the Executive Director of the club and the Vice President of The Gorbachev Foundation Anthony Jones will be present together with the former President of Colombia Andrés Pastrana. Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Kevin S. Parker and Patrick M. Gallivan, Senators from New York; Richard Leather, the Senior Trade Commissioner of Australia to the US, along with the Consul General of UK to New York Danny Lopez will also be present.

The Blue Star Line has commissioned the work to the Chinese state owned ship building yard Jinling. Company Directors Ding Jian Liang and Zhang Qi Ying will also attend the event. Also joining them will be Director of Sales Markku Kanerva of the Finnish marine design company Deltamarin who are designing the Titanic II. Other people present will include Helen Benziger a descendant of Titanic survivor Margaret ‘Molly’ Brown who will also be working as a member of the advisory board for the Titanic II project.

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