Melbourne – A review of the great city


Melbourne’s history, being the second largest city in Australia and a cultural and financial hub of the country, dates back more than 200 years. But even before the first European settlers disembarked and called it their home, the area where the current metropolis stands was occupied by the aboriginals for a continuous period of more than 30,000 years.

The modern city of Melbourne is the product of a steady process of settlement and development for the past 200 years. Today, Melbourne is one of the most sought after cities a cosmopolitan metropolis that is bound together with a unique fabric of art, culture and heritage. No wonder it has been ranked as the ‘Most Livable City’ by the Economist Intelligence Unit for two years on the trot in 2011 and 2012.

Melbourne city at night

Melbourne city at night is an amazing sight to behold.

What to expect

Melbourne is the cultural hub of the nation. Be it films, sports, painting, education Melbourne has always played a major role in the development of the Aussie heritage. The late 19th century Heidelberg School impressionist movement had its roots in Melbourne, again the first feature film ever produced; ‘The Story of the Kelly Gang’ was extensively filmed in Chartersville estate at Heidelberg, Melbourne. But apart from those examples from the pioneering days of the 18th and 19th centuries, Melbourne has much more to offer for your senses.

Getting around

The city offers plenty of options including the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle, the Skybus, the trains and the trams. If you’re coming straight from a Visitor Orientation program, that takes just about 2 hours of your time to make you familiar with the city, buy a myki card and hop on to any public bus, tram or train service. Getting around is easy on Melbourne’s public transport.

Melbourne tram

Trams are Melbourne’s heritage and the fastest way to get around the city.

Accommodation & Dining

Melbourne has a long history of world class accommodations dating back to the days of the gold rush and plenty of places where one can sit and enjoy the local Australian and international cuisine. For example Arintji is a great open air dining destination which offers both great views of the Yarra River and the solemn experience of dining open-air on the Federation Square. Melbourne accommodation is always affordable and quaint , so make sure you do enough research before spending big on lush accommodation.

Flinders Street Train Station, Melbourne

Flinders Street is Melbourne’s main transport hub.

What to see & do

Melbourne is a fun place to be in for a vacation, whether you’re travelling alone or travelling with your family. Inaugurated back in 1955 Melbourne’s favourite festival and one of the longest running public festivities in the country is Moomba. If you’re in the city during the Labour Day weekend, be sure to experience the festivities on the banks of the Yarra River.

Melbourne offers tourists an unique fabric of art, culture and sports that is simply irresistible. The Athenaeum Theatre is a must visit for all tourists to the city. Built in 1839, it is one of the oldest buildings in Victoria and currently houses the Melbourne Opera. Federation Square is certainly one of the favourite destinations for tourists in the city. Melbourne is also the home of the MCG (The Melbourne Cricket Ground) which stands tall as a colossal tribute to sports in general and cricket in particular.


8.6 Awesome

It's hard not to be biased. Melbourne is my home town. As a tourist though, Melbourne offers even more thrills, spills and in most cases, mixed weather. It's a must see destination for those that are well travelled and for those that are looking for new destinations to visit.

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