The Great Barrier Reef Just Got A Bit Closer

Heron Island

Heron Island

A new direct Qantaslink flight connecting Sydney and Gladstone has brought the Great Barrier Reef that bit closer to tourists. Gladstone is the stepping stone to the Heron Island a coral paradise just on the southern most end of the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder that is the key to survival for numerous marine species.

The new Qantaslink service will be operating eight return flights per week, with two flights operating each on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Visitors to Gladstone and Heron Island will thus be able to avail 1200 seats per week.

Turtle hatchling on Heron Island

Turtle hatchling on Heron Island

Flight schedule has been set with careful consideration for the tourists. Taking off at 6:15 AM from Sydney tourists will arrive in Gladstone at 7:40 AM making it possible for an early afternoon snorkelling dive. Arriving at Gladstone visitors will have two choices to make it to Heron Island. They can either take the chopper ride that takes only 30 minutes taking off at 11:15 AM and offers guests a fantastic ride skimming over the waters or they can take an equally exhilarating 2 hour ride on a boat launch that departs at 11 AM. For guests coming in for the first time to the Reef the later is a great way to get introduced to the marine & bird life that thrives in these waters.

Heron Island has decided to welcome this new direct flight with a great new offer of theirs. They are offering guests an early bird package of $999 per couple for a stay of three nights. The price includes three nights accommodation, all meals on the Heron Island resort plus return transfers to and from Gladstone. If you are travelling with your children and they are under the age of 12 they stay and eat for free.

Heron - turtle swimming

Heron – turtle swimming

Heron Island is famous as a great diving and snorkelling destination, a lot of which are within minutes from the shoreline. Tourists come here to also explore and enjoy the abundant marine and bird life. The green turtles and the loggerhead turtles that come here every year to lay their eggs are a special attraction. Visitors coming in the months of March and April will be able to see the final wave of hatchlings digging themselves out of the sand and then making their way to the water to start their lives.

This year the island also celebrates the first anniversary of its partnership with the Sea Turtle Foundation. It is a non-profit and non-govt. organisation dedicated to ensuring the protection of sea turtles, their natural habitats and the routes of migration. During the past year more than $45,000 had been raised via individual $10 voluntary contributions at the time of checkout by guests staying at the resort. The entire proceeds have been used to help the cause of the foundation including research, costs of maintaining the foundation staff and the purchase of a turtle stretcher.

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