Geckos Welcome To Wherever Gives 15% Off On All Their Tours

Gecko's 'Masai Mara and Mountain Gorillas' 15-day trip through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

Gecko’s ‘Masai Mara and Mountain Gorillas’ 15-day trip through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

If you have been longing for a really wild adventure, a trip off the beaten track where every new destination throws at you new surprises, Geckos Adventures offers you more than you can ever absorb in a lifetime; and they throw in a 15% discount to make things even sweeter. Love to taste crickets? You might get a chance to do that in Thailand or for that matter necking a Pisco sour in Peru or sharing some quality time with a band of gorillas in Uganda. Geckos Adventures offers you a chance to have the time of your life when you travel with them.

30% off Thailand Jungle to Beaches

30% off Thailand Jungle to Beaches

The ‘Welcome to Wherever’ sale offers all travellers booking through Geckos Adventures a discount of 15% when they book and pay their deposit money between 15th March and 12th April. This discount will be applicable for all trips except for the Antarctica and the Tightarse Trips. Ensure that you book a trip that commence by August 31, 2013 to take advantage of the discount.

To woo customers further and give them a reasonable idea of what is in store on these trips, Geckos Adventures have come up with a brochure that uses catch phrases like this – “Get your haggling hat on, mind the cows, and keep your hands and feet inside the tuk-tuk at all times” (Infra-Red India p61) obviously referring to the hair-raising ride in one of Thailand’s cheap public transports; or “Tip for riding camels: approach with caution, they can smell fear” (Drunk On Colour p117). Rest assured your travel experiences are going to be unique and thrilling with liberal amount of local experience that you won’t find anywhere in a guidebook.

If you’re a returning customer you have more reasons to wear a grin on your face. You’re entitled to a loyalty discount when you book with Geckos Adventures and that is on top of the 15% ‘Welcome to Wherever’ discount that everybody else gets.

Meet the Rellies

Meet the Rellies

Geckos Adventures are all about unique experiences in some of the most intriguing places on the face of the Earth. Your appetite for strange places, strange food and strange hospitalities will all be tested when you travel with them. If you don’t like travelling by the book, Geckos Unique adventures are what you might just love. Average travellers in a group on one of these trips range from 9 to 16 while some tours like the ones in Africa they have up to 22 people in a group. These are mostly younger people aged between 18 and 35 but they also had a 79 year old ‘dude’ who they claim was ‘awesome’.

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