Aussies Look For Pet-Friendly Accommodations

0 suggests Aussie's are traveling with their pets more often suggests Aussie’s are traveling with their pets more often

Although they are usually associated with men and tagged as their best friend, if a recent survey report is to be believed, it is not men who feel worried about their four-legged friends but women. As per, a leading travel and lifestyle portal, 46% of women travelling feel guilty about the fact that they have left their pets back home, compared to only 38% of men. If you are one of those touchy travellers, there is one simple solution for you – simply take your pet with you!

The world over accommodations which are pet-friendly are increasingly being sought-after. The survey reported that one in every four respondents mentioned that they find an accommodation that allows their pets in more affable. It is no longer a celebrity pastime to carry their four-legged friends when travelling, more and more ‘common’ people are doing it. So much so that even contemporary five star accommodations have started to consider that they can no longer afford to be persistent with their ‘No pets’ sign at the check-in counter. A case in the point is the Langham Sydney, a deluxe five-star hotel near The Rocks. The hotel has started accepting guests accompanied with their four-legged companions, provided however, they are under 20 kilos. A dog bed, bowl and treats are provided as a part of the whole package to make the furry travellers feel right at home.

General Manager Kirsty Labruniy of mentioned, while commenting on the development, that more and more Australians prefer to travel with their pets when they go on holiday. In a lot of cases they consider them as their children and thus obviously there is a lot of emotion attachment.

More than 25% of the respondents have mentioned that they have taken their pets when they have gone out for an adventure travel. An additional 13% have mentioned that they would love to do so in the future. Due to the probable trauma that their little furry companions may face when they are stowed away in the baggage compartment of the aircraft, only about 1% of the respondents have mentioned that they have taken their pets on an international vacation. In fact one in three respondents has mentioned that even the idea of their pets in the luggage compartment have been troubling for them.

To make your travels less ‘expensive’ when you travel with your pet has some special tips for you –

  1. Ensure that you check out the hotel terms & conditions in advance to find out if they allow pets
  2. size does matter and if you are planing to brings along your German Shepherd it might pose a problem
  3. Bring some toys for your pet too. It will help them to stay happy in their new environment and stop them from gnawing on the ‘shiny new ones’ in the hotel. Needless to say it will also prevent you from having to foot the bill.
  4. Also stay with them at all times, as left alone they might pose a problem for the hotel and for the other guests.
  5. It does help if the hotel offers pet-sitting service. If you want some time on your own, look for these option ahead of booking

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