The Ellen Degeneres Show Arrives In Australia

The Ellen Degeneres Show Arrives In Australia

The Ellen Degeneres Show Arrives In Australia

The Ellen DeGeneres show has finally come to Australia. A program that is expected to garner the attention of the international audience towards Australia as a great destination, the Ellen DeGeneres show crew will be on a six day tour of Down Under. Qantas, which is supporting Tourism Australia as one of their long term commitments, has welcomed the arrival of the crew in the country. They have partnered with another Australian company, Swisse Wellness, who has been instrumental in bringing the group here to film a number of the segments which are scheduled to go on air later in April.

Flight QF108 arrived in Sydney carrying the show’s cast and crew earlier this morning after a 14-hour long haul from Los Angeles. The A380 had been temporarily renamed The Ellen DeGeneres Show Express to mark the occasion and increase the promotional value for the tour.

Alan Joyce, Chief Executive Officer of Qantas, while speaking on the occasion mentioned that the tour is going to boost Tourism in Australia on the overall but the segments that are scheduled to be shot in Victoria and New South Wales are going to be a major impetus specifically for the local tourism businesses. Interestingly ever since the tour had been announced, Australia had been mentioned several times on the show. So there has already been a positive impact. The tour which is now officially underway and the footages that are to be shot in the coming days will ensure more promotional value out of this. Needles to say it is a chance for everybody associated with the tourism business to showcase what this land has to offer. Australia has always been considered highly for its stunning landscape, an unique wildlife, a culture that is a mix of past & modernity and of course a unique blend of humour. It is an opportunity for every Australian to highlight that to the world.

Mr. Joyce also expressed his gratitude that Ellen chose to fly along with her crew and family with Qantas for this special occasion, which is incidentally the first time she has visited Australia. Qantas had earlier offered every member of the audience of the day a free return trip to Australia (Sydney/Melbourne). Till date more than 100 of the audience members have already booked their tickets and nearly 25% of them are brining a partner with them. The average audience member has chosen to have a trip lasting seven days. They were given a choice to select the duration of their stay earlier. Qantas expects more bookings to happen during November during the Thanksgiving holiday in the US.

Needless to say the US is a major contributor to the inbound travel sector of Australia with Qantas currently operating 37 flights per week on this route. Since the Australia segment of the show was announced in January, bookings in both January and February have shown a marked improvement compared to the previous years. The Ellen DeGeneres show enjoys a worldwide audience of more than 16 million in 23 countries.

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