ACCC Decision Clears Qantas-Emirates Partnership

ACCC Decision Clears Qantas-Emirates Partnership

ACCC Decision Clears Qantas-Emirates Partnership

Qantas and Emirates have welcomed the recent clearing of their partnership agreements for five years by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC). The partnership, one of the largest in the world, will allow Australian and international customers a seamless access to a global network in general and a more intensive access to the Dubai – Australia route. Along with that travellers will also be able to enjoy the world class services of both the networks, their frequent flyer programs and much more as a part of this cooperation.

The decision followed a six month review process that was punctuated by several rounds of public submissions, a conference discussing several aspects of the partnership as well its pros the pros and cons affecting the general passengers.

Alan Joyce, Chief Executive Officer of the Qantas Group mentioned while speaking on the occasion that the new partnership means a great deal to the Australian tourism businesses as well as the Aussie travellers. Needless to say Qantas being an iconic company the future of the business is bright with this partnership. He also mentioned that customers are showing a lot of interest in the joint network and the frequent flyer program that it promises. Bookings have been up as well.

The combined Qantas Emirates network will offer a total of 98 flights every week between Dubai and Australia. Qantas will however continue to focus on the other lucrative route of Sydney – Melbourne to London.

Also speaking on the occasion, Emirates President Tim Clark mentioned that this unique tie-up between two of the best airlines in the world is going to bring unmatched quality services to its travellers. Dubai’s central location will allow travellers to be able to travel between Australia and Europe, while also having the option to connect to North Africa and the UK via these two airlines. Travellers will now be able to connect to 65 non-stop destinations in North Africa, the UK and Europe from Dubai when booking on the Emirates – Qantas network. Moreover almost all of the onward connections to Europe and North Africa will be available to users within four hours of landing in Dubai making it a hassle free journey.

To facilitate the arrangements both emirates and Qantas have decided that they will be maintaining their current levels of engagement on the four routes that they currently operate in between Australia and New Zealand. If approvals are obtained in New Zealand, these trans-Tasman routes will allow both the airlines to pitch their global network to the local market and vice versa.

Qantas and Emirates had applied to the ACCC for approval of their partnership back in September 2012. Later in December of the year the ACCC had released a draft of their decision to approve the partnership for a period of five years. January 2013 saw the ACCC giving an interim approval paving the path for both the airlines to discuss and finalise the finer issues of the cooperation including pricing, schedules and capacity. Fares went live back in middle of January for travels starting March 31, 2013.

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