Aussies Prefer Chatting To Mobile When On Family Road-Trips



Technology has had an all consuming influence on our lives in the recent years. However, despite the improvements, when it comes to road-trips Aussies still prefer to spend their time chatting with each other and telling stories than to spending time on their gizmos. Hertz, a car rental company came up with this interesting research. More than 2-3rds of the Aussies prefer to chat up, spend time telling stories, even if they have already been told and playing games such as I Spy.

Clarifying the results Monique Conheady, speaking on behalf of Hertz Australia/New Zealand mentioned that the results are certainly heartening to see. Aussies preferring to spend time with their families instead of spending time on their latest digital gizmo is definitely heart warming. In fact 30% of the same respondents otherwise prefer to spend time playing on their portable devices such as iPhone, iPads, Nintendo DS while 18% prefer watching videos in order to spend time while on their road trips. The research also states that 14% of the respondents spend time sitting quietly on their trips.

No less than 25% of the Aussies who were asked admitted to exercising their vocal chords while on their road trips. 26% of the respondents admitted to singing along ‘On the Road Again’ by Willie Nelson while another 21% singing ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC. ‘Go Your Own Way’ by Fleetwood Mac came third with nearly 20% of the respondents admitting at singing this on their road trips.

Another interesting point revealed in this survey is that a majority of the respondents are great when traveling together. Nearly 55% of the respondents said that they enjoyed traveling together on road trips never really arguing. Another 25% mentioned that they usually argue within an hour of hitting the road.

Hertz has been encouraging Aussies to travel on road trips enjoying each others company during Easter, but they also encourage that people stay safe during their travels. Hertz mentioned that while it is heartening to see that Aussies travel together it is also great that they stay safe. They urged people to stay within the road limits, slow down their speeds when passing wet and dark conditions and ensure that people cooperate with the authorities whenever required.

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