Vacations & Travel Is Releasing A 30 Years Commemorative Issue On Japan

Vacations & Travel Is Releasing A 30 Years Commemorative Issue On Japan

Vacations & Travel Is Releasing A 30 Years Commemorative Issue On Japan

To commemorate 30 years in print Australia’s favourite travel magazine ‘Vacations & Travels’ is releasing a bumper issue on the occasion. The April/May/June edition of the magazine will be carrying a special feature on the land of the rising sun – Japan, with photos that will inspire you to make that special trip to this fascinating land in South Asia. But that is not all as the edition will also be packed with breathtaking photos from exotic travel destinations around the globe right from Colombo to Colorado.


The highlight of this Japan issues will be a review of the best skiing destinations in the country. The magazine will also feature the best ways to ensure that you can live your Yen a lot more judiciously making them last a bit longer. A special 36-page pull out will feature the island of Okinawa and the rest of the archipelago. It shall also focus on the residents of the island chain who are known for their long lives, the latest luxe hotels as well as the resorts.


A special culinary review of Taiwan, plus a guided tour of how one can see New Zealand’s adventure capital Queensland on a short time leash of only two days; and a tour of some of the best new crop of restaurants to have come up in Melbourne will also be covered. If you’re in love with golf you’re bound to enjoy the commemorative issue as it shall also cover Samoa’s increasingly popularity as a golfing destination.


If you always wanted to travel to Germany but never could make it, this new commemorative edition shall also include a limited edition supplement that shall offer a virtual guided tour of Germany. Feel free to know all the details for your next vacation to this fine European destination. A total of 250 pages worth of information, ideas, tips and suggestions; all for a meagre AU$9.95 to boot.


If you thought that’s it; then you’re wrong as there is certainly more to this special issue of the Vacations & Travels magazine. One lucky subscriber will get to win an all expenses paid four-night vacation to Bali. The vacation will include accommodation at The Stone Hotel, Legion Bali and return flights via Garuda Indonesia. For more information interested visitors can check out

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