21-Page Free Tasmania Travel Guide Released By Cruising Tasmania

Cruising Tasmania

Cruising Tasmania

Tasmania is a small island but it is in no way short of surprises and never fails to mesmerize travellers coming to its shores for a few days of vacation. To almost drive home the fact, Sprit of Tasmania has come up with this unique free travel guide for exploring the island. Titled “Cruising Tasmania” this free guide features six “spectacular drives” that are bound to take your breath away with the scenery, the attractions they offer destinations and of course the experiences that these destinations have in store for you.

On board the Spirit of Tasmania

On board the Spirit of Tasmania

You can make a request for this 21-page guide, small enough to fit in your glove compartment, on the website cruisingtasmania.com.au. It offers details on some of the most beautiful locations that Tasmania is known for. This includes tips for nature lovers coming to Tasmania to enjoy her natural beauty, pristine beach locations for that ideal beach getaway, guide to some of the most beautiful villages on the island, gourmet restaurant tips, cellars and much much more. For the discerning traveller this is surely a dream come true helping them to plan their vacation and make it a memorable one.

Sprit of Tasmania

Sprit of Tasmania

The guide has been a hit with travellers with more than 8000 requests received within the first two weeks since the launch. Spirit of Tasmania Chief Executive Officer Charles Griplas mentioned that Tasmania is a destination that is best travelled in one’s own car. Though it is an island it takes a fair bit of time to actually cover the entire place and all of it can be done in your car. The link between the Cruising Tasmania guide and the cruise ships that the company operates is that one can drive on in his own car in Melbourne and drive out in Davenport, making it a seamless transfer without having to wait at the airport for baggage claim, waiting for a taxi, carrying luggage and the whole hassle. One can pack everything that one needs for his vacation, of course if the boot space of his vehicle permits, and simply drive in to the ship for making the voyage to Tasmania. The ships have a delectable array of Tasmanian produce including wine in the bars and a choice of meals available in the restaurants.

The free Cruising Tasmania guide focuses on the following six drives –

  1. Hobart and surrounds
  2. Devonport to Strahan
  3. The Tasman Peninsula – Sorell to Port Arthur
  4. Freycinet and surrounds
  5. Strahan to Hobart
  6. Western Wilderness National Parks

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