New Course On Sustainable Tourism Launched By Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International has started a new advance learning course for tourism professionals. The Sustainable Tourism Professionals Certificate is aimed at professionals looking to mitigate the effects of a global resource crisis using sustainable tourism efforts and at the same time look to further their personal development looking for better career opportunities.

The courses have been designed in a way so that students, who range from an entry level right up to an executive level can set the pace on their own, basically learning at their own convenience. Course content, which focuses on the latest and the most talked about topics in sustainable tourism, has been designed by the International Institute of Tourism Studies at George Washington University with generous financial assistance from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The course content will be further updated on a recurring basis and ensure that they contain the most recent information and keep the students abreast with the latest developments in the sustainable tourism endeavor.

Speaking on the occasion, Brian T. Mullis, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Travel International mentioned, with the rapid expansion of the travel and hospitality industry, it has become imperative that rational and sustainable tourism is part of the decision making process for devising future growth strategies. In close relation with that there is a growing demand for further development of professionals, augmenting their knowledge and preparing them for the demands of sustainable tourism. He also mentioned that the program has been designed in such a way that professionals can straightaway use the knowledge to meet the challenges that come up on a day to day basis.

Price for obtaining the Sustainable Tourism Professionals Certificate is $450 per person. If there are several students joining as a group (minimum of 20) then additional discounts will be offered. This makes the program ideal for corporate houses or large businesses looking to have a large team undertake a meaningful sustainable tourism program. For example the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has already booked the program for 75 of their employees working as Environmental Officers. The organization is committed to the efforts of sustainable tourism and development of their human resource.

Participants are required to complete a core course and three additional online courses that take 8-12 hours each. At the end of each of the courses the participant is required to sit for a final examination. All successful applicants must have already worked in the sustainable tourism industry for a minimum of two years and should have actively used sustainable tourism practices in his professional capacity.

Dr. Don Hawkins, Eisenhower Professor of Tourism Policy at the George Washington University School of Business mentioned that the new educational course is well timed based on the fact that there is a growing importance for sustainable tourism worldwide. The new educational program from Sustainable Travel International directly addresses this demand by bringing under one umbrella all the relevant development in the sustainable tourism sector allowing students to learn, adopt and practice the knowledge taken from a classroom directly to a real life situation. Above all the cost for this course is affordable making it easy for even individuals not having any sponsorship to undertake it. Course topics include project management, workforce development, investment & finance, energy & conservation.

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