The Catalina Flying Boat Will Dazzle Audience Over The Waters Of Lake Illawarra

Southern Biplane Adventures' Airshow team

Southern Biplane Adventures’ Airshow team

On the 23rd of April, 2013 Lake Illawarra will witness a rare event. The flying boat Catalina will awe the gathered audience on the banks of the lake in a dramatic series of touch-and-go manoeuvres, reminiscing its old glory days when it used to be a part of the US Navy taking off regularly over water hauling maximum load for long range missions. Built in 1945 the flying boat Catalina, popularly known as the “Black Cats” among the RAAF brethrens, saw action during the Second World War.

As a prelude to the special Wings over Illawarra 2013 event, this 20 meter aircraft will be touching down belly first on the water, skimming for about 500 meters and then gently taking off again flying into the blue skies over the lake. Right at the stroke of mid-day the Catalina will appear over the of waters of the north-eastern corner of the lake, making its approach for a total of two touch-and-go manoeuvres and move towards the south-western corner (or vice versa depending on the direction and speed of the wind).

The event will be a one of a kind and should not be missed for all the world. The afternoon’s display of daring flight skills will not end after the Catalina flies off. Southern Biplane Adventures, the local adventure flight specialists will be putting on a small display of sheer aerobatic brilliance, giving the audience a sneak preview of what to expect come Sunday the 5th of May when the Wings over Illawarra event gets rolling.

If you’re wondering where to setup your camera then the Kanahooka Point is probably the best one for you to setup shop. The place is just next to the Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club. If you’re planning to bring family with you, it is a great idea as a special BBQ on the day is being arranged by the Scouts for a fun family day.

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