Tiger Airways Launches An Unbeatable $10 Offer

Tiger Airways

Tiger Airways

Tiger Airways has come up with an offer that is simply irresistible and is bound to make every Aussie feel like packing their bags and taking a flight to a dream vacation. If you were late making plans for that special spring holiday with your family, the recent launch of $10 seats from Tiger Airways might just come to you as a shock. Buy don’t just rub your eyes with disbelief, make use of this as seats are limited.

Frankly, Tiger Airways have been flying to a new destination almost every week and with recent addition of Alice Springs, Coffs Harbour and the Sunshine Coast there cannot be an excuse not to fly.

Tiger Airways’ appearance in the domestic aviation sector in Australia has been a big plus for travellers. They are now treated with some of the lowest prices ever offered helping many to fulfil their vacation dreams and helping the overall tourism business in the process. Their prices have helped increase the competitiveness among operators as well.

Carly Brear, Tiger Airways Australia Commercial Director, mentioned on the occasion that it has been the endeavour of the airlines to bring to Australian travellers a great deal of value in the form of an unbeatable pricing structure, for any destination that they aspire to go. Apart from the low cost structure Tiger has also invested in their service quality focusing on this aspect and making it a point that every member of their team understands the importance of it. Customers here are the ultimate winners. Not only do they get to enjoy the lowest pricing structure but also gets to enjoy great quality service on board.

Miss Brear also added it has been a goal of Tiger Airways to make sure every Aussie flies, and the current $10 fare is a perfect example of how they feel they can achieve that goal. Return tickets now cost only $20 and with pricing like this there is simply no further excuse not to fly. She also mentioned that the airways is constantly endeavouring to improve their offerings, helping people to make that decision to book tickets and hopefully to travel to that next dream location on Tiger Airways’ burgeoning domestic network.

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