The Great Ocean Road Marathon Is An Inspiring Event

The Great Ocean Road Marathon Is An Inspiring Event

The Great Ocean Road Marathon Is An Inspiring Event

May 18th and 19th are the dates when The Great Ocean Road Marathon is to be held in Australia. With an expected 5,000 to compete for the main events The Great Ocean Road Marathon is more than just an event to compete, it is but an inspiration to realize what one is truly capable of accomplishing when pushed to one’s limits.

In light of the event and the huge turnaround that is expected both as competitors and spectators, the iconic Great Ocean Road will be closed for vehicular traffic for the aforementioned days. Thus competitors and spectators will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views without any inhibitions or distractions.

There is something truly special about The Great Ocean Road Marathon. As event director John Craven rightly puts it, all other major marathon events around the world such as in Boston, London and Tokyo are held on routes that pass though a concrete jungle. This is the only major marathon that criss-crosses such a spectacular landscape. He also added that this is a tough event, no doubt, but the sound of the waves crashing nearby and the mesmerizing beauty of the landscape is enough to ease away some of the pain of this arduous challenge.

This year’s race competitors will have some familiar faces returning such as 73 year old Wes Collinson who is participating for the third straight time. He intends to complete the 45 km run from Lorne to Apollo Bay in less than four hours. Mr. Collinson is a determined competitor, albeit a humble one when he acknowledges that he is an average runner, who normally plods. He also mentioned that he realises the value of running and includes it as a part of his physical training along with weights, biking and swimming in a six-day weekly schedule.

The 2013 The Great Ocean Road Marathon is the ninth year running for the event and it includes a full marathon, a half marathon, 14KM, 6KM and a kid’s gallop event. Steve Moneghetti, former Olympic athlete is the race patron this year.

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