HolidayPhone Offers Their Services To Australian Customers



HolidayPhone has launched its full services in Australia enabling its loyal customers traveling out of the country to keep making calls, send texts and enjoy Internet services without having to constantly worry about breaking their bank. HolidayPhone has launched a new ecommerce point for their Australian customers to start buying their services.

With a HolidayPhone SIM card in their mobile device Australian travelers can now enjoy local rates when they are traveling to any of the select popular offshore tourist destinations across the world. The best thing is they can continue to use their Australian numbers without having to pay any additional overseas fees for enjoying the facility.

The prepaid SIM will be valid in Spain, UK, USA, Italy and 24 other selected major tourist destinations across the world. While using these SIM users would be able to receive calls made to their Australian number and also place calls themselves at a very cheap rate. HolidayPhone has tie-ups with the local tourist carriers of these destinations, allowing them to offer such incredibly low prices for voice, text and Internet services on the go. Their tie-ups also offer them excellent network coverage at all times. All that the traveler has to do is to switch to a local SIM and HolidayPhone takes care of the registration, activation and other details.

While speaking on the occasion, CEO of HolidayPhone, Joacim Boivie mentioned that Australia is a major market for the company. Australians are known for their vociferous appetite for traveling and they are not shy of experimenting and traveling far and wide for a dash of adventure and serenity. HolidayPhone’s travel SIM enables them to avail local pricing which is far less than what they would have to otherwise pay. As such the launch of the full service by the company was but a natural step-up from the limited options that they had offered earlier in the country. in fact traveling Australian community has been asking for the full service for months now.

HolidayPhone now offers their full service in 8 countries. This allows travelers from France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, USA, UK, Germany and Australia to travel abroad and avail their cheap pricing options when using voice, text or Internet services in 29 different locations across 5 continents.

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