Australian Travel Businesses Now Have An Incredible Research To Guide Them Into The Chinese Travel Market



The Chinese travel market is widely considered as the savior of the Australian travel trade. With visitors from China jumping 26% in 2012 and the trend looking strong enough to continue into the foreseeable future Australian travel trade is looking forward to the Chinese travel market with a mix of anticipation and confusion. The confusion lies in the fact that the Chinese travel market is so little understood. This is why Carolyn Childs, a renowned travel researcher has teamed up with Bronwyn White of and Andrea Plawutsky of Amplify Me, a leading expert on the Chinese travel market to bring about a thorough research into how the Chinese travel trade works, what are the expectations of the average Chinese travelers and how best the Australian travel companies can tap into this booming market. The research results will be released at the China Travel Trade Research and Workshop: Insights to Action 25 June 2013 in Sydney.

This limited attendance workshop will provide Australian travel trade representatives with valuable insight into one of the largest inbound travel markets in the world, helping them to gain a competitive advantage in this sector. Information will be passed on as to how to connect with the Chinese inbound travel market, the information sources which can be relied upon to provide travel related guidance to their clients, understanding the major factors which guides the average Chinese traveler into deciding the destinations that he would travel to and of course informing the contacts working in the Chinese travel trade so that they can sell Australia better to their clients.

Co-researcher and presenter Carolyn Childs mentioned while speaking on the occasion that in spite of the fact that China is an important source for inbound tourism in Australia, very little is known about the market, let alone planning is done. She also mentioned that a number of the travel trade people are still not aware of the expectations of the Chinese travelers, although they are aware that they look up to the trade during their initial overseas trips. She also added that the research that she and her colleagues have put together will help the Australian travel trade to understand the needs of the Chinese travelers and help them to tap this market better.

Andrea Plawutsky, co-presenter and researcher is passionate about the opportunities that the Chinese market offers to Australian tourism. She mentioned that the cardinal mistake most Australian travel business make is consider the average Chinese traveler as a part of a homogenous market. This is far from the truth. There are many facets of the Chinese travel market and travelers from different geographical and demographical sections have different expectations.

The main event of the workshop is going to be a presentation of the research. It shall also include a China Travel Trade Insight session wherein a number of experts in the Chinese Travel Market will be sharing their experiences and insight. The session will be succeeded with a workshop session where delegates will be shown how to use the insights in action, transforming their business focus and redefining their attitude towards the Chinese travel market.

The workshop is priced at $988 plus GST. Additionally, MyTravelResearch is also offering a platinum package which entitles delegates access to the workshop plus the full report and a membership to the China Travel Trade microsite along with a number of other benefits.

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