Five Qantaslink Aircrafts Will Get Business Class

Interior of a QantasLink flight

Interior of a QantasLink flight

Five Boeing 717 aircrafts of QantasLink will undergo upgrades to their interiors to include business class and in-flight entertainment for all passengers. John Gissing, QantasLink Executive Manager said, while announcing this, that the five new Boeing 717’s will be additional to the 13 aircrafts that are currently operational across different routes in the country.

As a part of the refitting and refurbishments QantasLink will be introducing a complete business experience on these aircrafts which includes the best seats in the market, high quality refreshments, backed by the promise of best service onboard. Apart from that each passenger, regardless of whether he is flying business class or economy, will now be treated with individual in-flight entertainment offerings. The relevant technology is being tested now to ensure that the transition goes through smoothly.

He also added that the very fact that QantasLink has been investing in the expansion of their fleet and the network actually goes to show the confidence that they have in the Australian domestic market and the continued commitment that they are making towards it.

Starting late this year, QantasLink will be slowly absorbing these five aircrafts into service, once they come out of the shop refitted and refurbished. The first of the five aircrafts will be used on the Melbourne-Canberra, Brisbane-Canberra and Sydney-Canberra route. The Boeing 717 aircrafts are ideal for this route as per Mr. Gissing.

Currently Cobham is operating the present fleet of B717 from QantasLink and they would continue to do so for the additional five aircrafts to join the fleet. As a part of the rearrangement some of the existing B737’s will be rescheduled to other parts of the QantasLink network.

QantasLink is by far the largest regional airline operating in 58 metropolitan and country destinations in Australia. It also operates flights to Port Moresby.

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