The Gurus Explore The Unique Side Of Korea

Jeju Island

Jeju Island

The popular Australian television program ‘The Gurus Explore’ crew has just completed an hour long television program on travel on Korea. The program is slated to be broadcasted later on Channel 9 coming October. The aim of the program will be to highlight many of the fun and adventurous activities that Australians traveling to Korea can hope to engage in.

Presenters from Perth based Guru Productions Pty. Ltd., Trevor Cochrane and Kim Syrus, have been successful in identifying and filming some great new aspects about Korea. These include scuba-diving and paragliding on the sub-tropical island of Jeju. It also includes live action from a major baseball game which the television crew managed to film at Busan.

Jeju Island's famous women divers

Jeju Island’s famous women divers

Apart from the much publicized attractions of Korea there are other interesting aspects as well. The crew aims to bring to the forefront these aspects which are unique and enjoyable when visiting Korea. Experiencing these activities is like getting to know Korea in a completely different light. The Gurus Explore TV team had been doing just that in Korea for the past 9 days, filming these unique adventures and activities in places like JejuIsland, Busan and Seoul.

Templestay meditation

Templestay meditation

Seoul is known the world over for its stunning choice of food and the Gurus Explore crew tried to capture this aspect of the city on a segment that is focused on the ‘food tour experience’. To explore and highlight the countryside outside Seoul, the crew focused on a ‘wine train experience’. They have also focused on a ‘templestay experience’ which rounds off some of the must-do activities that a traveler to Korea can look forward to.

Paragliding over the Geumak Oreum Volcano the Gurus Explore team captured the mesmerizing beauty of JejuIsland. This sub-tropical island is known for a number of extinct volcanoes and one of the longest lava tubes in the world. The island is also a haven for para-gliding, scuba-diving, sailing and windsurfing.

Sunrise Peak on Jeju Island

Sunrise Peak on Jeju Island

Kim Syrus, who is one of the presenters on the Gurus Explore Team, acknowledged that his first trip to Jeju has been a memorable one. Incidentally it is the first time that he indulged in paragliding and the whole experience was one that he will remember for ever; specially the bit when they flew over the volcano. He hoped that the footages that they have captured of their experiences will encourage numerous other Australians to re-trace their footsteps.

Another aspect of JejuIsland is the famous ‘The Spirited Garden’, one of the most fascinating Bonsai gardens in the whole of Korea and Asia. The footages that were taken here have a high chance of getting TV time on another of the Gurus program ‘The Garden Gurus’ sometime later this year.

Busan was the setting for an exciting baseball match between two of the biggest clubs in Korea, the Lotte Giants and the NC Dinos. The Gurus Explore team filmed the fantastic atmosphere and the wonderful fan support that these baseball games generate in Korea. In fact the lead pitcher for the Lotte Giants is the Australian silver medalist from the 2004 Athens Olympics Chris Oxspring.

This action packed one hour program on ‘South Korea’ travel will be broadcasted on Channel 9 later in October this year is going to be a highly anticipated one. The programming will, to reiterate, highlight many of the known and unknown facets of this beautiful country, inspiring travelers to pack their bags and head for Korea.

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