Holidayphone Starts New Wi-Fi Hotspot Service For 29 Destinations

New Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot solution from Holidayphone

New Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot solution from Holidayphone

HolidayPhone has come up with a new Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot solution for customers. The new solution will be available in 29 popular destinations across five different continents. The advantage of the new hotspot feature will be available to even those who are wielding a locked SIM. The advantages are as one can imagine is immense. Users can now take advantage of the flat low rates for accessing the Internet with the help of a local prepaid SIM card and the Mobile HotSpot device from HolidayPhone.

If you’re traveling with a group, each member of the group can easily access the Internet using the Mobile HotSpot Device. If you’re traveling alone or with family you can simultaneously access internet on more than one device using the HotSpot solution.

The small and convenient to pack & carry Mobile HotSpot Device allow users the convenience to use Internet on their own network at flat rates no matter where they might be. The device can be turned on to use Internet inside a car, or when traveling in trains or while sitting in a café or even when idling away time on a beach. The connection is safe and is done over a secure protocol, eliminating the risk involved in using public Wi-Fi connections which are free and often unreliable.

2013 has been a busy year for HolidayPhone. It has also been a very exciting time as well for the company. They have recently started their full SIM card service for all customers coming in from Australia and France. Their services have now been extended to new destinations such as Japan and India. The launch of the new service that enables customers to use their home Wi-Fi solutions, via a local number and over a safe and secure connection, while also having the option to share it with friends & family is a wonderful thing. The opportunities are limitless.

Speaking on the occasion Joacim Boivie, CEO of HolidayPhone mentioned that they have taken the next step in bringing down mobile costs of their users. Users can now use HolidayPhone SIM cards when traveling to Spain, USA, Italy, UK and 25 other major destinations in the world. The Mobile HotSpot Device can be used with a local SIM card obtained for the country that the user is visiting.

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