Over 25-million missing bags each year – report


Over 25-million pieces of luggage go missing each year according to a 2010 Air Transport Industry Baggage Report.

The report revealed that one in 100 people are marred with the experience of having no luggage arrive at the airport carousel, leaving them without clothes and personal belongings.

Half the of 25 million bags went astray during transfers, while around fifteen percent weren’t loaded onto flights, with around thirteen percent missing because of poor ticketing or failed security.

People need to make sure they take out travel insurance for their travels and make sure their bags are correctly labelled.

Some airlines don’t cover the cost of misplaced baggage, while others take a considerable amount of time to replace contents.

Before leaving, it’s worth making a concise check list of your baggage contents, as it will be required when making a claim.

I was unfortunate enough to have my baggage lost on the way to Geneva. I was without baggage over the entire two week stay, with the baggage only arriving back home a week after arriving back to Australia.

Luckily my travel insurance adequately covered the cost of purchasing new clothes and toiletries.

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