International Travel Is Increasingly Being Motivated By Major Motion Pictures

Annual National Tourism & Events Excellence Conference

Annual National Tourism & Events Excellence Conference

In the Annual National Tourism & Events Excellence Conference organized at the Melbourne Cricket Ground this 22nd and 23rd of July by Victoria Tourism Industry Council and Tony Charters and Associates, the major point of discussion will be innovative ways to attract tourist footfall in the country. It will be a moment when Australia’s dominance in the international tourism & events sector will be highlighted while also offering opportunities to delegates to connect, share ideas and discuss issues that are plaguing the industry.

A trend that seems to be growing popular by the day, travelers getting inspired by major motion pictures to visit the locations where these were filmed, will be the major talking point of this conference. A case in the point is the ‘The Great Gatsby’ that inspired many to head for the jazz-age of 1920’s New York.

Films have remained for ages as a powerful motivating force, which has inspired many to travel thousands of miles to see the locations of their favorite films. Films have been able to enhance the attraction of places in the minds of the onlookers.

The conference will have three distinguished speakers who will share their experiences of having successfully marketed motion picture locations as major tourist locations.

Catherine Bates, General Manager of Brand and International PR at Tourism New Zealand will be presenting the ‘Leveraging The Hobbit Trilogy for New Zealand: a place where fantasy is reality’. She will be describing how the many different locations in New Zealand that were used in the filming of the ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ was used to showcase to the audience that these locations that were shown as the Middle-Earth in the film were actual places, all waiting to be explored.

The Scottish Tourism has a similar tale to tell. Scottish Tourism which had been ‘shaken, not stirred’ by the recent economic setbacks in Europe and the world over will share their story about how the latest Bond Film ‘Skyfall’, which used several of the Scottish locations in their films including a high-octane driving sequence that was set in the midst of the Scottish highlands was used in their tourism campaign ‘Homecoming Scotland’. The campaign attained great success including a recognition by CNN Travel as ‘The World’s Best Place to Visit in 2013’.


Carmen Pavlovic, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Global Creatures will be presenting the third story of this interesting topic with a strategy of hers to boost tourism in Melbourne. Her story ‘Making a World Class Production: King Kong a case study’. This is expected to be a major theatrical event in Australia in 2013 as well as an important tourism attractions for people coming in from all over the globe and experiencing it live on the stage.

The Annual National Tourism & Events Excellence Conference to be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 22nd and 23rd of July will bring together experts from the industry, service providers, travel business owners and destination managers under one roof discussing, planning and setting in motion steps to encourage continuous growth in the tourism and events industry via a profitable, sustainable, innovative and a professional approach. Attendees to the event will be able to listen to what the industry leaders are saying and gain from their experience.

Registration charges for a two day pass is $1100 pp, $750 for one of the days pp and $250 for the special theatre workshop.

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