The Get Lost Magazine And Art Series Hotels Union Is Now Official

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get lost

In a move that is bound to make a lot of travelers and patrons of the Art Series Hotels happy, Australia’s favorite international travel magazine get lost has teamed up with the said hotel chain to bring its publications right to the bed of the traveler.

get lost magazine and the Art Series Hotels have been engaged in a relationship for some time and they have just decided to up the ante in their recent co-operation. The marriage between two of the best known brands in Australia is a union that most travelers will relish, now that they have an option to slide into their bed at one of the Art Series Hotels with a copy of the latest get lost magazine.

The Olsen in South Yarra, The Cullen in Prahran and The Blackman Hotel in St Kilda Rd will all offer the get lost magazine to their guests right in their rooms. Speaking on the occasion Justin Jamieson, publisher, get lost magazine referred to the relationship between the two brands as kind of two kindred spirits destined to unite at the end.

He mentioned that get lost has always stood on a different ground when it came to choice of accommodations. Boutique accommodations that offered guests the warm feeling of being welcome, something which is impossible to experience in a lavish hotel on a grander scale, has always managed to be represented on the magazine with repeated frequency.

The Art Series Hotels are everything that the get lost magazine stands for. Its tastefully designed décor and a fantastic art collection make for an ideal partner for the magazine. They are what Justin mentioned “cool without being pretentious and we love it for that.”

The union will open the doors to a wider market for get lost, all guests of the Art Series Hotels, and all fitting the demographic that the magazine caters to, with the hotels assuming the position of respected ambassadors for the magazine. In lieu get lost will contribute to the whole experience of the guests staying at the hotels, offering them a bouquet of international travel stories, insights and extra-ordinary, to the point of being inspirational, photographs from across the globe.

Also speaking on the occasion the general manager of the Olsen Hotel, Mr. Lee Davey acknowledged that the partnership will be a mutually rewarding one. He added that it is an endeavor for every hotel chain to continuously strive to better the experience of guests. The addition of the get lost magazine to the hotel will certainly add to the overall experience of guests staying at the hotel.

The get lost issue #36 is currently on sale at the newsagents and can also be read online via Apple Newsstand and Kindle.

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